The Logos Story

An Extraordinary Ship Tale!

An Extraordinary Ship Tale!

I have just finished reading one of the most exciting books written about dedicated Christians in my life!

This book, “The Logos Story,” by Elaine Rhoton, tells the true story of how a bible college student in the 1950s has effectively changed how millions view Christians around the world.  This student began with a concern about improving the lives of people in Mexico.  He knew that wherever the truths of The Holy Bible was shared, living standards increased, people became more concerned about their family and their neighbors, and they developed a stronger purpose for living.

This student, George Verwer, shared his vision with other interested Christian Moody Bible Institute students.  Although many of the residents in Mexico were very religious, most had not made a close connection with The Creator, and did not know the story of why the Son of The Creator came to earth to live as a human being and die for the evils of all mankind.  These students gravitated to George and his enthusiasm to share this story through literature and casual interactions, rather than through the normal church or “missionary” outreach.

For students without financial resources to take on such a project over a summer vacation, and during Christmas holidays was a far reach.  Some thought them somewhat ill-prepared, and out of touch with the “normal” way of sharing the good news of eternal life, beginning now, and a more complete existence after a transition into a new body.  However, these students raised money and made many trips to Mexico, making many friends, and seeing lives changed for the better.  However, George had a much bigger plan!

George considered the ungodly lifestyle flourishing throughout Europe.  At one one, Europeans had been strong with a personal faith in The Creator and live developed along the teachings of The Creator’s Son, whom many knew only as Jesus.  Over the centuries, the passion and purpose for living a godly life had waned and the Europeans had developed into a very materialistic people.  Some had given up on the Christian “religion,” in favor of other religions, or had decided that no religion would be their lifestyle.  George had a passion for these Europeans and began sharing his plan with his college friends.

Eventually, George and his college friends raised funds and made trips to Europe, beginning in Spain, spreading out to other connecting nations, and eventually sharing their information and Christian literature with those in Turkey and other anti-Christian countries which had one time had exciting Christians and flourishing churches.  However, when other religions invaded and used force to put down Christians and many churches, there was a dearth of solid Christian information or strong Christians sharing the essence of the reality of solid, Christian living.

In order to do more in sharing literature and personal time with Europeans, George and his group prayed in trucks and cars to get them around.  Some had traveled on foot earlier, and slept and ate wherever they could.  Vehicles could help them do so much more.  Of course, they had been told by older and more established Christians that their ventures were fool-hardly.  However, these were exciting college students who had a strong connection with their faith.  The STILL believed that through prayer, planning, patience, and the potential of others helping them, nothing was impossible.  Thus, vehicles were soon carrying students and Christian literature all over Europe, and even into anti-Christian countries.  But, George was not finished!

George shared another idea with his college friends and now, many other supporters.  It was very costly with transportation with the many vehicles.  George believed that they could do so much more if they had a ship taking them to ports around Europe, England, and even into Asia and Africa.  At this point, some of George’s wisest supporters thought for sure he had finally flipped!  A Ship!  A ship carrying Christian youth and adults from all over the world to share the love of The Creator and His Son?  Impossible, some said.  Reckless, others said in protest.  However, it’s hard to stop young people (or, any people) with a strong passion, a dedicated purpose, a powerful prayer life, and a belief that the good that they wanted to do WOULD be supported.

Those who believed in George and his dream for a Christian ship  with an international Christian staff began to pray with George and his ever-growing band of youthful team members.  The prayers went on for a ship for over 6 years, and then, a miracle—a ship was found, and funds flowed in!

No one in the history of sharing the plan of The Creator, and the message of reconciliation by His Son through the Son’s followers and others, had EVER done anything like this.  There were a lot of nay-sayers.  Such a venture was too big for even the most faithful of Christian believers.  But, the venture was NOT too big for these believing college students who were now adults.  Nor was it too big of a venture for new college students, and many of those who had supported the other ventures of George for many years, including moving much of his operations into England.

There is so much about this ship adventure that is just too gigantic to imagine!  The writer, Elaine Rhoton (who I met recently) writes in such a way that you can sense the adventure, shudder with the challenges, cry about the mishaps and a death, and rejoice at the results of millions around the world being helped physically, mentally, and spiritually just because a college student saw a need, and figured out a way to help meet that need.  Get the book, “The Logos Story,” and find out how lives were changed, the health of many was affected, and how professional ship officers learned how to work with wide-eyed students and other professionals who not only spoke a different language, but spoke a different lifestyle.  Read about why the “Logos” had trouble in the waters around Argentina, and about a second ship George and his little (very large now!) band of caring Christians from around the world prayed in.

If you can’t find the book on one of the online booksellers, contact me.  I am using the book as one of my fundraisers to raise funds as I do my little bit to make life better with people I come in contact with in America, and with people in other parts of the world, including the many orphans in less than sanitary orphanages in Africa and in other parts of the world.  If we can make life better for children today, we will have a better world tomorrow!


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