Mama Earth is NOT Happy!

I am known to be “a little slow!” This caused some real challenges as a student. However, when I finally did “get it,” it would stay with me for a lifetime while many faster students would lose what they thought they knew after a while! I have often felt like a tortoise (turtle) in a world of fast hares (rabbits), but thanks to a loving and dedicated mother (Momma ‘Cain); dedicated Christians; a few concerned teachers; a loving wife, understanding children, and wonderful grandchildren and great-grandchildren, I have been blessed to gradually appreciate my differences.
For a long time, I questioned why people would call the Earth “Mother Nature,” or “Mother Earth.” Recently, I began to get the answer. This past Wednesday, I was getting to the end of reading a 1200+ page novel of a possible future for America and the world without politicians,negative external forces, and how people learned to be value creators, and not just value producers.
While reading the book outdoors on the one of two days that I did not have any income coming in, The Creator had me stop and observe the world. I spent time admiring a couple of 18-wheel trucks bringing and unloading heavy items, and how the workers worked in harmony to get the work accomplished. Then The Creator had me observe the living things—grass, trees, shrubs, etc. Then it began to hit me…the Earth is alive! From the life force in the ground, things grow. Whether one believes in Creation or Evolution of mankind, mankind had to come from the Earth. I pondered on the life around me, all coming from the Earth.
Today, I got the rest of the picture: the Earth is like a woman. The Earth receives seed and water, nourishes the seed, and continues to supply the growth of whatever grows through nutrients and water. Unfortunately, mankind has not been kind to Mother Earth—we have polluted the water source, and have polluted the natural nutrients, and we have polluted the air, allowing all of these polluted items to pollute our bodies and mind. However, there are some humans who are doing their best to take care of Mother Earth so Mother Earth, along with the creative forces of The Creator, can continue to nourish growing things on Planet Earth.
Now I know why it has pained me to see the growing mounds of trash on our streets, roads, highways, streams, rivers, lakes, and ocean—we are suffocating Mother Earth! And, we are destroying positive plants and trees needed to balance the ecosystem (the creative system of The Creator) so we continue to have the kind of oxygen needed for a balanced system. I think it was Mark Victor Hansen, the author, who said in 2002 that we needed to plant 18 billion trees. I wonder how man trees we need to plant now?
Regardless of your religion, or lack of a religion, we all need to do what we can—daily—to take care of Mother Earth, the ground from which all naturally living things come. However, if we continue our quest to invest and create hybrid foods, synthetic foods and medicine, suck out the juice (oil, etc.) from the ground, and continue to create other harmful humanity-made substitutes, we will kill our Mother whom the Father (The Creator) has blessed us to have for these thousands, millions, or billions of years. At some point, Mother Earth, and Father Creator will spank our behinds more than we are being spanked now, and the pain will last a long, long, time.

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