Been Thinking About the Past, Present, and Future

It seems as I grow older, I have more light to see my failures of the past.  Of course, my failures have revealed my connection to other humans!

Aging is kind of nice…except for the loss of hair, loss of teeth, pains in strange places, loss of strength, and having to get up a LOT in the night when I really need my sleep. And, when I get back into bed, my mind jumps from one thing to another—almost like some of my writings!

As I have aged, and connected with many sins, I have looked at my past, first with some regrets, then with some remorse, and then I learned how to repent, ask for forgiveness (I am sure I still owe more apologies!), and learn from how to learn from my past to make better decisions in the present, and look forward to a better future from learning from my past.

Here is something you can print out and put on your coffee/tea/water, or whatever, container:

Your gateway to the past that can prepare you for your future could me: The more you know—the more you grow!  So, whether you have made a lot of mistakes (sins!) like me, or whether you have ALWAYS done everything right, and never hurt anyone, there is something in your past that can help you learn how to have a more successful present, and a very happier future!


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