There is a lot of propaganda against anyone who dares call themselves a Christian.  This propaganda has been growing since before there were “Christians,” a name given to those in the first century who acted a lot like a person that had hung on the cross because propagandists were tired of Him doing good for the masses of people while often making religious and political people look bad.

Now what is propaganda?  It depends on one’s definition.  However, the most accepted understanding comes from the dictionaries. The definition I will share comes from and says:


1.information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.

2.the deliberate spreading of such information, rumors, etc.

3.the particular doctrines or principles propagated by an organization or movement. (

Many evil, negative, selfish, and self-aggrandizing people don’t like, or sometimes, downright, hate Christians.  As I observe the propaganda coming out from the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender) organization, I see that they have become caught up in propaganda to help them get what they wanted—and, it is working.

If a person, especially a Christian, don’t agree with the lifestyle of a gay person, or call what they do sinful, or unnatural, or don’t agree with their pushiness to MAKE someone serve them, rent to them, accept them as another form of “natural” gender, they get hit with labels like “bigot,” “hatemonger,” “homophobic,” “mean-spirited,” “unChristian,” or some other word to try to show those who agree with them that that person or group is not kind, or whatever, and needs to be punished.

Unfortunately, this group wants to speak out and demonstrate for their “rights,” but don’t want Christians and other non-believers in their way of life to say anything they would consider negative against their lifestyle.  The politicians and others are so afraid of being “called out,” demonstrated against, sued, or considered an unkind person that they are caving in, and gradually giving the LGBT just about whatever they want.  Of course, many within the LGBT have been fighting for their form of justice for over 50 years.  And, they are using mostly civil rights laws developed to create a level educational and economic field for African Americans.  However, when one puts up the statistics of the massive horrors done to African slaves and African Americans against the few horrors done to any within the LGBT movement, the results are a slap in the face of many African Americans who have not bought into the LGBT movement.

Many Christians and Christian groups support most, if not all, of the agenda of the LGBT movement out of respect.  Some say everyone should “tolerate” this group, and all who consider themselves as another gender, or a gender desiring the affections of their own gender.  These Christians hide behind a few verses in their interpretation of the Christian Bible, do not see the necessity of including the ancient teachings of what they call the “Old Testament,” and usually do not see their understanding of what they call “God” as really being unchangeable—the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Such is the power of how people and groups use propaganda, to embellish their own agenda by putting down the agenda of others.   And, let’s face it: we ALL have an agenda!  Some are fighting for the right to respect the long-standing history of what a marriage is.  Others feel like a marriage is whatever they call it to be in this brave, new world.  Many Christians don’t even want to get involved in the conversation because some of them may be “closet” gays and lesbians; are sleeping around, and quietly having sex with single or married men and/or women, and even having sex with boys, and/or girls; have divorced one or more times to enjoy the kind of sex that they think they need and deserve; or hide away and enjoy personal sex by themselves with books, tapes, movies, or just with their mind.  Thus, they don’t dare speak out lest someone find out about their past, or discover what they are currently into that might be considered “improper” sexual thoughts or actions by Christians and others with higher moral standards.

An ancient Native American saying, paraphrased here, is DON’T JUDGE OR CRITICIZE ANOTHER WARRIOR UNTIL YOU HAVE WALKED IN HIS MOCCASINS!  Whether one is involved in the LGBT movement, has a child or relative that is gay, has gay tendencies, or just don’t think being gay is normal, slinging propaganda mud will never bring lasting peace.  What will bring a measure of understanding between the so-called gays, and the so-called straights is just learning to accept each other the best we can, enjoy what each brings to the table, stop trying to shove each other’s beliefs down the throat of each other, and respect each other for the right to believe/act the way they desire without having to pass a bunch of new laws, or go to war against each other.  In other words, if someone doesn’t want to rent or sell you something because it really goes against their long-standing beliefs, move on to someone who will.  If someone doesn’t want to bake you a cake, give you a job, or whatever it is you think you deserve, look around and find someone who will.  And, if no one will give you the product or service you need to be happy, consider creating a new opportunity or industry.

At one time American women weren’t given an opportunity to share their skills beyond the bedroom and the kitchen; now they control over 59% of the economy.  If they continue to learn, earn, develop, and marry into rich and powerful families, they may one day control ALL of America when their husbands die!  At one time, there was not ONE African American playing in the NBA, NFL, MLB, so they developed their own leagues and perfected their skill; now there is not ONE professional NBA, NFL, MLB without at least ONE African American on their team roster.  At one time, there was not ONE African American quarterback in the NFL; now there are several.  Of course, marching, educating, and passing laws didn’t hurt!  At one time there was not ONE Hispanic American in the unions building highways, freeways, skyscrapers, and new homes; now in some states, they almost control the labor of construction, janitorial, maid service, yard service, and even in some restaurants that are NOT Hispanic!

Educating, understanding, and sharing resources without fighting could be a better wave of the future for lasting peace among various groups, instead of using the broad brush of propaganda to coerce people to follow the dictates of another.  However, will we be reasonable and listen to each other, or will we continue to get what we each want even if it means tearing the country apart, and allowing a dictator to take over and tell ALL OF US what we are to believe or face the chopping block?


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