Yes, Texans are returning to their Western heritage by allowing many citizens (we hope legal ones, and sane ones!) openly carry pistols in 2016!

While there is some serious opposition to the law that allows Texans to openly carry pistols, many gun owners are happy that they will be allowed to openly carry their loaded guns.  Now, just let some nut open fire in a school, on a college campus, in an office building, or even threaten the welfare of someone!  Before they know it, multiple guns will be blazing away, taking down the varmit before the sheriff (police) arrive.  And taxpayers won’t have to worry about paying a big tax bill for having the bandito arrested, having their rights read, riding in a $50,000 squad car surrounded by other $50,000 police cars, and supervised by about $500,000 in a number of officers—they will soon be pushing up daisies!

When a lot of Texans openly carry loaded guns, some stupid bank robbers, hold-up men in convenience stores, or abusive husbands may think twice, knowing that many of those around him will gladly open fire, striking the perpetrator in the head, face, abdomen, legs, and wherever.  Money will be saved as the nut will not have taxpayers paying thousands of dollars to hold him in jail, have people escort him to court, and pay for a defense team to show that he was mentally disturbed!  The courts may then be able to conduct more business with individuals and families with real problems, instead of having to deal with a crazy going bonkers because he got fired from a job, fired up from reading militant information, or mad because his wife or girlfriend left him, six shooters and 45s will be singing a death song of fire, taking down someone who would dare disturb the tranquility of others.

Now, what will happen to people caught in the cross-fire of legal gun-totting, caring citizens, and criminals out to do mischief?  Some will be injured; others may be killed.  Such will be the price of taking down criminals who still dare to pull out their weapons on children, college students, women, the elderly, and others.  However, I suspect some of the women, the elderly, and others will also get trained with weapons, and they will also carry their guns openly in the public!

Will the result of this open-carry Texas law reduce crime?  YES!  At least from those shot dead who will no longer be causing havoc and using their weapons and threatening words to hurt the innocent.  However, others will continue to misuse their weapons, taking out their revenge on others; allowing their anger to hurt members of their family; or, continuing to rob, steal, and even cause road rage.  But, don’t worry!  There may be so many law-abiding neighbors, other family members, and highway drivers openly carrying their guns that they won’t have to worry the 911 operators to call the police—the Texas gun-totters will be more than happy to do some target practice on a live person acting negatively!




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