Prince, Michael, Whitney and Others

Still thinking about Prince, Michael Jackson,Whitney Houston, and so many others who were somewhat associated with their religious upbringing who had so much unique talent, and died so strangely. Their deaths may be attributed to personal and health pain that money could not relieve. Look around you and consider becoming a REAL friend to famous people without looking for them to give you anything.


I am reminded of a very beautiful high school girl that many fellas wanted to date, and some even dated. She was admired by her peers. One day, I began a casual conversation with her and commented on her beauty. She gave me a strange look and made a comment that I will never forget. She said, “I always wonder if people like me for me, or if they just like me because I am beautiful and popular!”


Take time and get to know the real person behind the beauty, fame, and fortune. Some may want to know real happiness. They often have access to millions of dollars, have adoring fans, and work hard to stay on top of their game. Unfortunately, some have an entourage who are always around; have people who want their autograph; see their name in lights; and often have just about everything that they want to buy.  However, they may have the trappings of success, but lack true happiness.  There seems to be a void that money and fame cannot fill in their hearts.  Thus, some turn to religion without finding satisfaction.  Others have personal and health pains and turn to prescription drugs, maybe even later, turn to other drugs and even seek more fulfillment in all kinds of sex without finding the peace and happiness they want.  Maybe they just wanted to be loved for who they really were without the trappings of success.  Maybe they just wanted some close friends who would stand with them without looking for something from their successful friend.  Maybe they just wanted to have some friends they could confide their deepest thoughts knowing that what they share would not make it beyond their own ears.


Prince, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Whitney, Elvis, and so many musical “stars” gave us some powerful and wonderful music, and could have given us much more.  However, there are others following in their steps, using pop, R&B, rap, country, and other genres of music who may be outwardly successful, but inwardly lonely.  Take time and become a real friend to the famous, the not-so-famous, the rich, the poor, and all those in-between.  You may never know on earth how your genuine friendship lengthen their lives, gave them hope, or even tweaked their talent for good because they found someone who really cared about them.  But, one day you may discover the power you had for real friendship that increased their positive feeling for self, for others, and even for The Creator!


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