Ever since I got hurt in high school intramural football by having a very heavy guy fall on me after I caught a TD pass, I have had back issues. As a former agricultural worker, I was hurt again on two job projects, and was laid up for 40 days a few years ago with my back.


One doctor told me that I had a 50/50 chance of doing better if I had back surgery. After prayer, discussions with family and others, I chose not to have the surgery. Other doctors encouraged me to build up my back muscles through special back exercises, improved diet, more water, and more general exercises.


Dealing with a lot of different health issues myself while watching my mom deal with more serious health issues than what I had increased my desire to read more about health and nutrition. As I moved around across the country, I noticed that a LOT of people suffered from health issues that could have been prevented if they would have had access to better resources. This led me to want to share with what I had learned myself, and from my ongoing health readings.


If you have trouble with your back, here is some good news from Todd Sinett, DC, Midtown Integrative Health & Wellness, and author of 3 Weeks to a Better Back…:

  1. Check your stool — if it is hard, eat more fiber from organic fruits and vegetables (fewer pesticides and inflammatory chemicals, and more antioxidants to reduce free radicals that damage cell molecules), and drink 4 to 10 more glasses of water (the less water you drink, the more you will lubricate your spinal discs and can reduce  fissures and cracks in your discs that can cause pressure against nerves);
  2. Drink little or no coffee — the hormone cortisol from coffee increases inflammation, and along with caffeinated beverages can cause muscle cramps and spasms;
  3. Stop using sugar in soft drinks, desserts, and packages foods like white bread, salad dressing, ketchup, and pasta sauce to cut back on cytokines in proteins that increase inflammation, and irritates your digestive tract which can cause back pain

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