Whenever there was a transition of power among ancient people who connected with Yahweh as shown in Second Samuel 1:12, some people were confused, upset, or downright angry and split (see I Kings 11:26-33).  America is facing that now and the American people are asking for substantial changes in government which is carrying some treacherous waters.  We have reached one of the lowest points of immorality that the Creator will have to do something as we pass on to our children, grandchildren, and others a debt of over $20 trillion dollars.  We are almost at a point of no return as politicians squabble while the country crumbles.  Is Rome (America!) slowly burning while the politicians and wealthy party?

President Trump is working to see if he can turn the nation up into a better position.  He has chosen some of the brightest (and riches!) people to help him.  Maybe he thinks he can run the country like he ran his businesses (before learning from bankruptcy!).  Many in America are saying that President Trump is NOT their President.  I don’t quite understand that—as long as they live in America and Trump is President, he IS their President whether they like him or not.  Maybe many of the disgruntled people will join others who left America when Obama was President.  If enough people leave, and take their money and other resources with them, perhaps they will be happier when America becomes the newest Third World country!

If President Trump is successful in lowering our federal deficit, improving health care for all, building a wall to cut down on illegal immigration, and developing more jobs for America’s unemployed millions, maybe those who don’t like him will reconsider their actions.  Of course, President Trump cannot make all the improvements America needs by himself—he will need the support of Congress, as well as the help from millions of American taxpayers of all political parties.

Well, it has only been a week since President Trump took office.  And, he has certainly hit the political road running.  Of course, he has had to use some Executive Orders to get some things rolling.  This sounds like something former President Obama did and was severely criticized for it for the party now in power.  Time will tell if President Trump can get cooperation from the President of Mexico to build the wall; get the President of Russia to stop killing people in Syria; bring improved relations with Israel; get our so-called Allied friends to pick up more of the U.N. bill; get more students to attend college without heavy debt; get China and many other countries out of our wallets with their cheap products while American stores pay such low wages that workers stay stressed and unable to enjoy the American Dream; and get women to forgive him for his crassness when speaking about them; and really do something to turn America’s inner cities and urban communities into an oasis for all Americans to enjoy.

Since the great civilization of Rome was not built in a day, it could take President Trump two terms to get most of his agenda completed.  Of course, then the next President can just undo about anything that he or she doesn’t like what President Trump has accomplished, and we will start from scratch all over again and make the poor American taxpayers pay for it!



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